For companies in the down and feather industry, sustainability is an everyday reality: through the exploitation of a by-product obtained in poultry meat production, they return valuable raw materials to the product cycle. Feather and down - cuddly, soft and light - have an incomparable filling ability that provides high heat retention and low weight. At the same time, they 'breathe' and reliably absorb moisture. They are indispensable for outdoor specialists and fans, as well as fashion lovers and those who just like a good night's sleep. After all, outdoor equipment, professional sleeping bags, down jackets and coats and high-quality bedding have become essential elements in our lives.

Especially in industrialised countries, consumer behaviour has changed in the last ten years. Consumers want to buy and use high-quality products that have been manufactured in an ethical way. They also demand assurance that these basic principles are upheld and guaranteed by the industry. This is especially true concerning the use of raw materials like feathers and down in conjunction with protection of nature, the environment and animals.

The European down and feather industry has been collaborating in a commission of experts for 20 years, through which they work on EU directives and regulations for animal husbandry and transport, in addition to the preparation and sale of animal by-products. In 2010, a documentary traceability system was also established, which enables feather and down to be traced right back to their source of origin. The aim of this is to exclude any goods produced from live animals.