Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center

QTEC(Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center) is an all-round testing & inspection institute for textile products based in Japan, China, Korea, South-East Asia, and South Asia, with reputable testing accuracy that supports our quality with accreditation of IDFB, EDFA, DIN-CERTCO (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025), and ISO9001.

We provide the services of evaluation and verification on quality and performance of wide range of products such as apparel, textile, home products as well as down & feather products.We are the only institute of DOWNPASS traceability audit in Japan to support user companies.

Furthermore, we have been auditing sewing factories and inspection factories for many years based on the certification system that we established and implemented. Also we are the officially registered institute that conducts fair and neutral audit for “JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) mark labeling system” and “flame retardant labeling system”, complying with the Japanese laws and regulations.

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